Real Housewives of Toronto Episode 3 Recap: The Dock Party

It’s Real Housewives of Toronto recap time babies! Last week Roxy threw a “Roxy Fabulous” tequila party to which Kara wasn’t invited because they had some dog park drama. Despite this, Kara is still invited to Joan’s famous dock party – What will Kara do when she finds out she wasn’t invited to Roxy’s tequila party? Will they fight at the dock party? Let’s dig into this week’s drama. Episode three opens with Roxy having lunch with her girlfriends on a poolside rooftop patio. Roxy catches them up on all the recent gossip they discuss Kara’s shady Instagram post “Life becomes easier when you learn to accept an apology you never got #FORGIVENESS” or in Roxy’s words “#MOVEON #GROWUP #WHOAREYOU #NOONECARES!”


Everyone is getting ready to head off to “the Hamptons of Toronto” aka Muskoka for Joan’s legendary dock party. Grego’s super cute kids act as her super cute stylists. After much discussion Grego decides she needs ALL the hats and six bathing suits for one weekend because duh of course. Even her kids say that’s too much but Grego will not be stopped.


As if Joan house isn’t stunning enough, her Muskoka property is HUGE and even more stunning oh and she ALSO has an island. She puts together the final touches for her little shindig for 700 people featuring 1,000 burgers made by her Chefy, two DJs (how do we DJ her party?) and more! Joan is cool as a cucumber because “at the end of the day it’s kinda all about me.”

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Kara invites joga Jana over for maca drinks or as Kara’s kids call them boner smoothies, which she says “keeps the marriage on fire” (that explains those 10 second kisses). Kara wants to matchmake Jana… yikes indeed.


Jana spills the beans about Roxy’s tequila party and Kara asks if she makes a bad first
impression, to which Jana very politely explains why she felt off about the procedure party. Kara says she felt weird because she used to be a nurse and tells Jana she drinks wine, which is good because Jana doesn’t trust people who don’t drink wine. The two bond and become friends.


Meanwhile, Ann meets with her seamstress because she needs her fishing gear taken in. One must be ready for anything in Muskoka and “why wouldn’t you try to look the best you can?” Ann also gets her wetsuit taken in ‘cus u never know who’s gonna see you on a jetski! “If I had underwear it would be fitted,” Ann explains. She is very fabulous.


After her fitting Ann meets with Roxy to catch up on gossip. Kara has uninvited Roxy from her cottage but Ann saves the day saying Roxy and her family can stay at her giant cottage instead. Ann is as fabulous as she is nice!


Kara and her son drive up to Muskoka & Joan calls to make sure Kara can still come to the dock party. Joan also invites Kara to come visit before but Kara is “too busy” to come to Joan’s so Joan graciously goes to Kara’s even though she’s in the middle of planning this big party. The two of them sit on a big rock and Kara starts talking about how she used to be a nurse but also she has no training? Kara also finds out that Ann took in Roxy and Roxy is still coming…


Back in Toronto, Ann gets a private plane to take herself along with Jana and Roxy up to Muskoka but there’s one problem – Ann HATES flying. Joga Jana talks Ann through some breathing techniques and in the end all is well.


Ann & Roxy plan their outfits for the party together and decide which high heels will still work on the dock, as Ann’s hilariously deadpan teen daughter Molly comments “I thought this was a casual party,” which Ann explains “just means you’re not wearing as much glitter.” Ann also tells Roxy her dress isn’t see through, even though it totally is.


Grego and Jana drink champagne at Joan’s charming (or as Grego calls it “charmant”) cottage and they giggle about what’s gonna happen when Roxy and Kara see each other. Jana explains that Kara isn’t as bad as she seems but Grego isn’t sure…

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It’s finally the party! Everything seems to be going fine as all the ladies arrive and chat in their own little VIP section but then Kara announces she’s hosting a dinner party on Roxy’s birthday AND Kara’s stealing Roxy’s theme idea… oh uh…


Roxy keeps the gossip to herself (for now) and everyone’s attention is quickly turned to Ann who isn’t feeling well. Everyone tries to help Ann feel better while Kara is hella annoying yelling about how she’s a nurse.


Luckily Ann quickly recovers so the ladies head over to party as Kara takes off because she’s not a party girl. But you know who is a party girl? Grego! Grego is the life of the party and we totally want to party with her. The episode and evening close with Grego, Jana & Joan toasting to the moon and the stars as they go skinny dipping. We are so here for it.


Next week: Its Kara’s lakeside dinner party/Roxy’s bday, but who took off their undies? Our guess is Jana because as we know Ann never wears any underwear.