RCMP Cop Pretends to Be a Panhandler to Bust Drivers Who Text Behind the Wheel

As drivers become more savvy about concealing their choice to text and drive, cops are becoming equally stealth in their methods to catch offenders.

Cpl. Mark Taylor of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police was especially creative, pretending to be a panhandler as he approached cars at a busy intersection to peek inside and see if drivers were on their phones or wearing a seatbelt.

The tactic was incredibly effective.

Eleven tickers were issued within an hour – enough of a success for Vernon-North Okanagan RCMP spokesperson Gordon Molendyk to declare the strategy will definitely be exercised again.

Cops have also pretended to be construction workers in recent crackdowns and have even carried out inspections from busses for their elevated vantage point.

We can’t wait to see what’s next – and we know big changes are coming in Ontario.