Raw Bar

Known in Calgary for its inventive cocktails, Raw Bar is a stylish yet low-key place to grab a drink. And don’t let the name food you – most things on the menu are fully cooked.

The bartenders are constantly inventing delightful new drinks, such as the Passion Fruit Daisy and Zombie Redux. Not that you need another excuse to have a cocktail, but the drink menu even features three specialty drinks that are actually good for you – combining fruit with an alcoholic beverage maximizes the antioxidant power of both.

However, Raw Bar is more than just a great place to have a well-mixed cocktail. Raw Bar has separate breakfast, lunch and dinner menus so no matter what time of day it is, you’ll be able to enjoy some great eats. The lunch menu is a condensed version of dinner, which means that you can sample what Raw Bar has to offer even if you only have time to stop in during the day.

For being a Calgary restaurant, Raw Bar offers a surprising amount of seafood, and all are certified to be sustainable choices. The Line Caught Ivory Salmon is combined with lemon ricotta tortellini and spring vegetables in a shellfish broth, a true delicacy.

The Chef at Raw Bar has also prepared a Chef’s Tasting Menu with an optional wine pairing, for guests who want to enjoy the best of what Raw Bar has to offer. The menu is skewed towards seafood lovers and includes oysters, lobster ravioli, cod and Lavender Honey Parfait for dessert. Speaking of sweet things, the decadent dessert menu is composed of new twists on old favourites. Where else in Calgary can you get S’more Bread Pudding?

As part of Calgary’s Hotel Arts, Raw Bar is the ideal place to take clients from out of town, or meet a few friends for a some drinks and food. Raw Bar, 119 12th Ave SW, Calgary, 403-206-9565.