Range Rover Releases First Convertible SUV in its 70-Year History

Someone has finally solved one of the great mid-life crisis quandaries of our time: slick convertible or gas-guzzlin’, frustration-crushin’ SUV?

Because you can now have both.

Land Rover recently unveiled the Evoque Convertible, the first roofless SUV its upper-tier Range Rover division has released in its nearly 70-year history. It’s essentially a version of the brand’s entry-level luxury SUV, the Evoque, that’s been cut in half horizontally at a 10 degree angle.

It features a fabric roof that can Z-fold away in under 20 seconds, while simultaneously dropping all four windows, all at the push of a button. Unlike competing convertible SUVs, the Evoque Convertible looks refreshingly agile; like it was actually designed to be a performance sports car as opposed to a box on wheels that the engineers lost interest in finishing halfway up.

It boasts a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 240 horsepower under the hood complemented by leisures like a full infotainment system, luxury seats, and premium wheels. A badass “Black Pack” option is available to matte it up.

It’s also safe, which is nice.

But really, it’s clear you’re buying this for the cool factor more than anything else.

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