RainSpa Offers Young Professionals Facials On the Go

With the holidays pretty much over and most of us back at work in this not-so-cozy -20-degree weather, we may have noticed that the facial glow we attained away is slowly turning dull again. Winter, although it carries its charms, certainly isn’t skin-friendly. So how do we find time in our busy New Year schedules, where we’re catching up on emails while we were away, doing that extra overtime to keep up with work missed, and then driving home stuck in tedious traffic to get away from the cold chills, to rejuvenate and try to get that healthy glow back?

Old Montreal’s RainSpa health experts listened and heard us all coming up with an express on-the-go facial that can fix our skin issues in a snap. The Dermalogica MicroZone Treatment is a new 20-minute facial care concept that focuses on one specific problem area, depending on your skin’s needs.


This treatment is great for a pre-party prep, an important after-work meeting, for every day skin care needs or for a professional check-up in between professional treatments. Some of the great things it does in this express 20-minute period include: flash exfoliation, resurface, smooth, brighten, blackhead relief, clear and prevent breakouts, rapid spot treatment, speedy breakout recovery, hydration, rehydrates tight, dull, thirsty skin, age management, repair and protect, skin soothing, ultra-calming for sensitive skin, and overall restoration of that healthy, post-vacation glow. The treatment literally gets you in and gets your skin care issues solved in less time than you take for lunch – talk about understanding our hectic young professional lives and making them a tad easier! 


We did a little homework and pre-tested the MicroZone ourselves to see if as short as 20 minutes can actually make a difference. The expert skin therapist analyzed our skin and focused on the problem areas, which in our case was dry, duller looking skin. She then performed a zone-specific treatment using Dermalogica’s cleansers, exfoliators and masks. We could already feel the difference after the exfoliation itself since the products chosen are especially designated for specific skin types. With the calming music in the background, and an ultra-relaxing and chic setting, we waited to see our results. All we have to say is that looking in the mirror after was a lovely reminder of our beach time in sunny Florida. The glow, the shine and the smoothness were all transported back along with a confident smile to finish it without having to worry about catching that next business meeting. Verdict? Young professional-friendly and approved!