Some Queen’s University Students Apparently Thought it Was Okay to Throw a Super Racist Costume Party

We just have one question: Why?!

It appears that some students at Queen’s University made it a mission to throw a party whereby guests were pretty much required to show up in the most offensive costumes they could find.

At least, that’s what it looks like in photos that have turned up online.

Queen’s University is now investigating after photos emerged of an off-campus party featuring white people dressed (and posing) as Buddhist monks, Middle Eastern sheiks, Mexicans and Viet Cong fighters in rice hats.


Photos were posted on a Queen’s student’s Facebook page, and were viewable by “friends of friends,” according to Toronto comedian Celeste Yim, as CBC reports. She noticed the photos and took to Twitter to call them racist, posting eight of them.

The event was held on Saturday night in the University District, a residential area that surrounds the campus.

In a statement yesterday, the Alma Mater Society said that the party goers wore “inappropriate costumes.”

Anyone who sees the photos can probably agree with this.


“These events undermine Queen’s ability to provide a welcoming and respectful campus environment,” says the society’s vice-president, Carolyn Thompson, according to the CBC. “We need to have an open and productive dialogue about race and racism on campus.”

You wouldn’t think that in 2016, and at one of the most respected academic institutions in the country, that students would be so ignorant that there would be such a dire need for such education and dialogue.

Sadly, it seems our entire society may be going backwards these days.

The university also issued a statement yesterday.


Queen’s said that while the party didn’t occur on campus, it’s “taking the matter very seriously, and [continues] to look into it.”

“If we determine that this was a Queen’s sponsored or sanctioned event, we will take appropriate action,” the statement said.

As for the students, it’s safe to say that those images will haunt them a lot more than your boozy snaps from those wild university house parties ever will.

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