Queen Tea: The Skinny on Tea toxing

Pinkies up to sipping away stress and skin impurities! Spring is finally here, and while you pack up your parkas and shine up your summer sunnies, don’t forget that your body could use a little polishing as well. For most of us, winter means cocoa and comfort food, which tastes great but can take a toll on our energy and overall health. Spring is the ideal time to reboot and refresh… and give your bod some royal tea treatment.

Tea time is not just about sugary scones and crème fraîche. Detoxification by tea is one of the oldest methods of purifying the body, originally performed by Chinese herbalists and dispersed to cultures around the world. Canadian marketing whiz and self-proclaimed tea addict Yaëlle Philippe-August has spent years researching the health benefits of herbal teas. After creating her own delectable concoctions of teas and herbs, she decided to share her passion with the world (merci!) and created Queen Tea, a blend that will help you get gorgeous from the inside out.


Queen Tea’s Skinny Detox is a gentle cleansing tea made from 100% natural and organic ingredients; herbs and plants like Sencha Green Tea, which boasts powerful antioxidant properties, and Milk Thistle, known for its anti-inflammatory effects. A cup before breakfast and lunch for 14 days is said to provide a host of health benefits including weight loss, clearer skin, faster metabolism, reduced appetite, more energy, and improved digestion. 

And the best part? It’s delicious. With a refreshing hint of citrus and slightly sweet kick, it’s easy to work this tea into your daily wellness routine. Whether you want to give it your all and follow the Queen Tea detox plan or simply swipe it off your shelf to recover from a killer night out, Skinny Detox will keep you glowing like a royal jewel all summer long.

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Images: Yaelle’s photo by Kontact Photo 

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