Q water: The Latest Restaurant Eco Trend

In many restaurants, bottled water is becoming less available. Instead, many restaurateurs have opted to integrate in-house filtration systems, providing guests with refreshing water of the still or sparkling variety. 

One popular choice has been the Q water system (which is also a Canadian company). If you look on tables at many restaurants it’s not uncommon to see the ‘decanters’ sporting a large letter Q on the side, as well as a small fee on menus for unlimited water.

This sort of option is becoming more and more popular as we find our dinner tables becoming greener. Local produce and sustainable food choices are commonplace on menus throughout major cities in Canada. Thus, consumers are now assessing what they drink. Is it healthy? Is it environmentally sound? As informed YPs, bottled water is becoming less desirable, and innovative alternatives are emerging.

The Q water filtration system includes sediment and carbon filters to reduce particles of sand, silt and rust, and also provides reduction of chlorine taste, organic chemicals, lead and odors associated with tap water. The end result: fresh tasting water, whether still or sparkling. 

The use of filtration systems also cuts back on the waste produced by unnecessary bottles. The eco-friendly system creates sustainability and saves millions of glasses and bottles each year across Canada. 

Many restaurants are taking it one step further and giving back to the community by incorporating campaigns around the Q water sales. They donate the money from the sales to various charities of choice. 

So, the next time you are out and offered in-house filtered water, why not take advantage of it? It’s good for you, it’s good for the environment, and, often times, it’s good for the community.

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