PSA: Costco Will Now Deliver Groceries Straight to Your Door

One of the worst things about Costco is going to Costco. And that’s pretty much it, because everything else is amazing.

Well, good news, because Costco is rolling out free delivery (on orders over $75) for non-perishable groceries across Southern Ontario. The rest of Ontario and Quebec will follow.

On Wednesday, the widely beloved wholesaler starting selling groceries online for the first time in Canada, which our neighbours to the South have been privy to for some time.

“We’ve watched our colleagues in the U.S. enjoy success from their Costco Grocery launch, and are looking to repeat the same success in Canada,” Costco Canada’s senior vice-president Andrée Brien said in a news release.

So, what can you order to your door? Hundreds of grocery, health, and beauty products are on the menu, though limited to non-perishable items. The manner of delivery is also a little sub-par: guaranteed in two days, and not on weekends.

Nevertheless, the move puts the company in conversation with other online retailers looking to assert dominance over the growing grocery deliver market – namely Amazon, whose founder is now the richest person in modern history.

“For consumers looking for the convenience, if you don’t have to carry any of that stuff around, well, online shopping sounds like a good deal,” said Sylvain Charlebois, professor in food distribution and policy at Dalhousie University, in an interview with he Financial Post.

That’s an important point, as grocery delivery will attract new customers and alleviate one of society’s great voids: the Costco parking lot.