ProvisionsTO Hosted the Ultimate Food-Filled Sunday Funday

When you mix one of Toronto’s beloved summertime destinations with some of the best culinary talent the city has to offer, you have the recipe for the ultimate Sunday Funday.

It all went down on Sunday, August 7, starting at 3:00pm.

That’s when a team of seven all-star Toronto chefs joined Chef Kevin Castonguay, owner of Toronto-based catering and culinary events company ProvisionsTO and Pass The Table, an online platform to discover and book unique dining experiences, for the feast of the summer on the Toronto Island.


At the third annual ProvisionsTO Almanac Island, guests were treated to a four-course meal prepared by eight of the city’s finest chefs – including Victor Barry (Piano Piano), Marc Thuet (Petite Thuet), Dustin Gallagher (People’s Eatery), Nate Tasty (Home of the Brave), Charlotte Langley (Scout Canning), Jeff Lapointe (Nomad) and Robbie Hojilla (The Harbord Room).


Guests boarded a privately chartered ferry (avoiding the tourist-filled lines at the terminal) and set sail for the Toronto Island for an unforgettable – and highly Instagrammable – evening of craft beverages, open-pit cooking and music.

Oh, and no shortage of #views as well.


Let’s not forget about the personal and professional networking opportunities either – the crowd included some of the city’s finest and most connected young professionals.

Music, cocktails and an open-fire clambake awaited guests upon arrival.

The Botanist Gin Craft Cocktail Bar was manned by the bartenders at late-night favourite Pinkerton Snack Bar. They used the Botanist and cold-pressed Galt Juice to create a healthy, refreshing concoction that was well-received by guests on the breezy afternoon. Beer enthusiasts had the option to grab a crisp Steamwhistle Pilsner instead.


Then, guests made their way through the trees to the Artscape Gibraltar Point grounds. There they enjoyed a four-course collaborative dinner of ethically raised Ontario meat from Off The Bone Meats and fresh seasonal produce like mushrooms from Marc’s Mushrooms cooked over an open fire and charcoal coals.

The culinary offerings were paired with Samuel Adams Beer, Southbrook Vineyards wine, West Avenue Cider and Trail Estate wine.


The 150 guests mingled at one of four beautifully adorned, long tables, which made the peaceful grounds of the beachfront arts centre even more beautiful.

Other party perks included badminton and ping pong tables.

Can it get any better than that?


Actually, yes, it can: all proceeds from the event went to support the non-profit Artscape and their local initiatives to make space for creativity in urban communities. Artscape leverages the power of art, culture and creativity to catalyze the change, growth and transformation of communities.

It made for one of those summer nights that you’ll remember years from now. Sure, attending meant that guests probably had to skip a cottage weekend and deal with a later-than-normal Sunday night bedtime, but I think all would say it was definitely worth it.


Almanac Island is just one example of the creative culinary experiences offered by ProvisionsTO and Pass The Table. From their elegant passed snacks to their creative food stations and crafty cocktails, the ProvisionsTO offers a new edge to Toronto’s catering industry. Through Pass The Table, diners gain access to exclusive off-menu experiences in restaurants, as well as pop-up dinners and custom dining.

Of course, if you were there, you already know that.



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