Prominent Brazilian Journalist Blasts “Narcissistic” Justin Trudeau

Apparently, not everyone loves Justin Trudeau as much as Vogue does. 

A prominent Brazilian magazine has just published a scathing critique of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – and it’s pretty brutal.

Written by Vilma Gryzinski, international affairs columnist for Veja, a right-leaning publication, the piece is headlined “Justin Trudeau is adorable, but exceedingly ordinary: Everything is wrong with Canada’s Prime Minister – except his looks.”

Among other criticisms, Gryzinski calls Trudeau “narcissistic” and paints the picture of a shallow pretty boy who is leading Canada down a path of destruction. She calls Trudeau “the embodiment of vaguely leftist and confusingly well-intentioned liberalist dreams, a handsome guy who shamelessly shows off his physique and preens for photos in yoga poses.”

You have to admit, he has his yoga skills down pat (a little wellness and balance never hurt anyone). And his “liberalist dreams” are part of what make him a self-proclaimed feminist.

Anyway, Gryzinski ruthlessly attacks Trudeau’s stand – or lack thereof – on terrorism. She seems particularly concerned with his inclusiveness of Muslim Canadians, writing that he will “support any insanity, including terrorism, when committed in the name of the Muslim religion. He frequently visits mosques, dressing in typical outfits from countries such as Pakistan, and praying in the Islamic fashion.” She criticizes Trudeau for pulling fighter jets from Iraq and Syria and opening Canada’s borders to 25,000 Syrian refugees.

Gryzinski doesn’t leave his personal and family life out of it either – attacking the integrity of his mother by highlighting her wild, youthful days (hey, we’ve all had them) and claiming that she “abandoned her children.” But she doesn’t stop there, detailing a list of alleged drug use. She writes that “Margaret injected other things, too” in addition to a youthful energy into stuffy political circles.

As Stephanie Nolen from the Globe and Mail points out, Gryzinski is pretty much living in a glass house in her stone-throwing at Canada. She has the time to call out Canada in the midst of a massive political crisis in Brazil, whereby the current Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff could face imminent impeachment for alleged misdirection of federal funds. Furthermore, the Vice-President is also now the subject of an impeachment for alleged improprieties. Oh – and the next in line to assume this position is currently under investigation for allegedly accepting millions in bribes.

Anyway, in addition to our political leader, Gryzinski also attacked the Canadian media, calling them “sycophantic” and blaming them for showing Trudeau “self-destructive deference.” She specifically blasts the filmmakers behind the biographical film God Save Justin Trudeau

Ironically, Gryzinski does claim that our home and native land will remain a “dream destination” for immigrants, including Brazilians. “Justin Trudeau will find it hard to screw up a country so well organized, if dull,” she writes.

Um, thanks?