Professional Horoscope: Virgos

There is no denying it — the concept of horoscopes and astrology isn’t for everyone.

But with that said, even for the biggest skeptics among us, there is something reassuring (and at times, enlightening) about identifying with predictions that seemingly align with our habits and tendencies, moods, lifestyle, and our professional and romantic status.

Are our stars truly accurate in regards to actually predicting our future? Or is astrology predominantly hinged on self-fulfilling prophecy? I’m never entirely sure, but I do believe that these observations tend to tap into our innermost desires and thoughts, the details to our internal state and personality that we may already be aware of, but need someone else (or a greater force of some kind) to confirm for us.

These predictions and observations can also prove especially true in the realm of our careers, and the professional habits that drive (or at times, inhibit) our momentum. Virgos (born August 23 to September 22), are known as the loyal, detail-driven, analytical and often critical sign of the Zodiac. I myself was born on the Leo-Virgo cusp (I couldn’t commit to just one sign, obviously) and while I feel that I hinge more on the Leo side of the astrological spectrum, there is no denying that some of the signature habits and tendencies associated with Virgos, resonate with who I am at my core.

So for the Virgos hoping to gain some insight into their career path and tendencies, or anyone working with a Virgo and hopes to tap into their professional disposition, here are 5 points to consider:

1. Virgos are Inherent Perfectionists: 

Virgos have always been known for their associations with a perfectionist nature, which seemingly goes hand in hand with their professional aptitude, organization and intelligence. If a Virgo sets out to do something (complete a project, achieve a milestone), there is little to no doubt that they will do it, and do it extremely well. They are known for their analytical, refined, detail-oriented and quick-witted nature, qualities which make them a force to be reckoned with in the professional sphere (or someone you definitely want on your team). Virgos thrive in situations where they feel they are intellectually stimulated or challenged, with an on-going penchant for hard-work and problem solving. They are able to break down even the toughest of problems into small and workable parts, in order to come up with a sensible solution.

The flip side?  Their far-reaching need for order and attachment to their inherent perfectionism, often makes it hard for Virgos to relax. While other signs may take a little professional chaos in stride, or use it as momentum, any perceived disorganization will often drive a Virgo absolutely crazy. Frequently worried that they may have made a mistake or missed a detail they won’t be able to fix later, Virgos often get stuck within details and express a tendency to be overly critical (on both themselves and others) which can allude to an air of pessimism, at times. Their need for efficiency often manifests in all life areas such as being frugal and preferring time spent on productive tasks rather than leisure activities.

Virgos-professional-horoscope2. Virgos are Happy to Fly Under the Radar:

Unlike Leos, Virgos tend to be shy and would prefer to avoid scenarios where they are the centre of attention. While they are known for their intelligence and intellectual charm, Virgos tend to be extremely modest, quiet, conservative and generally reserved. Their lack of desire for frequent social recognition creates a natural sense of independence, which translates into a strong sense of self-discipline and acute self-awareness. You can trust that a Virgo is always working hard to achieve their goals, but they will always be incredibly humble about those achievements.

The flip side?  Virgos are often misunderstood by others, especially in social settings. Their natural independence and dislike of attention can make them seem cold or aloof, perhaps unattached from (or not invested in) their colleagues in a professional setting, as Virgos don’t often care to show their emotions. Their introversion can also manifest into a tendency to be too introspective, allowing them to get stuck in their head, and they often have a hard time accepting compliments or praise (even though they deserve it).

3. Virgos are Incredibly Well-Spoken

The intellectual capabilities of Virgos extends to their articulate nature  Virgos are often incredibly well spoken and strong writers, able to eloquently tackle tough topics. Their penchant for effective communication can make them a pleasure to work with, or negotiate with, in professional settings. While shy, Virgos have a natural confidence and sense of ambition that is hard to come by, allowing them to command a conversation with ease (as long as they aren’t asked to do it in front of a large room of people).

The flip side?  A notoriously strong-minded Zodiac sign, Virgos tend to be rather opinionated individuals who also aren’t afraid to make their opinions knownAlthough Virgos generally avoid confrontation due to the attention it brings, their noted disapproval of failure, mistakes and ineptitude will often override all else, as they firmly stick by (and make known) their convictions and ideas.

4. Virgos are Thought Leaders

While Virgos may shy away from high-profile, leadership roles, they are generally natural-born thought leaders within their respective fields. Their quick wit and clever nature adds a certain charm to their intelligence, which often attracts others into their professional realm (even if they aren’t trying to do that). With this in mind, they have a remarkable ability to pull a team together and make things happen.

The flip side?  Virgos are known for their ability to be a bit bossy at times, and they don’t always respond favourably to being put in their place. They generally hate to be lectured or judged on their decisions by others in their professional environment, which can make them tough to effectively manage, at times. While Virgos are known to be overly critical of themselves and everyone else, they often have a hard time receiving criticism in return.

5. Virgos are Calculated and Careful

Virgos are known for their character, notably their predisposition to be rational and show explicit common sense, when other signs may choose to be reckless or impulsive. This tendency often prevents them from being irrational or making a stupid, spur of the moment decision — in fact, any decision a Virgo makes, you can trust they have thought long and hard about. This makes them incredibly calculated, observant and patient, in their decision-making process.

The flip side?  Their general disdain towards making impulsive, quick decisions can make them seem frustratingly indecisive, at times. In professional scenarios that call for a more bold, reckless strategy, Virgos may internally spiral or self-implode while predicting impending chaos (although they are often appear deceptively calm and collected on the outside). With this in mind, Virgos often need someone else to push them into taking a risk here and there, as they won’t feel compelled to do so on their own.