Professional Horoscope: Scorpios

There is no denying it — the concept of horoscopes and astrology isn’t for everyone.

But with that said, even for the biggest skeptics among us, there is something reassuring (and at times, enlightening) about identifying with predictions that seemingly align with our habits and tendencies, moods, lifestyle, and our professional and romantic status.

Are our stars truly accurate in regards to actually predicting our future? Or is astrology predominantly hinged on self-fulfilling prophecy? I’m never entirely sure, but I do believe that these observations tend to tap into our innermost desires and thoughts, the details to our internal state and personality that we may already be aware of, but need someone else (or a greater force of some kind) to confirm for us.

These predictions and observations can also prove especially true in the realm of our careers, and the professional habits that drive (or at times, inhibit) our momentum. Scorpios (born between October 23 and November 21), are known as the resourceful, passionate, brave, truth-seeking and admittedly stubborn (move over Leos) sign of the Zodiac.

So for the Scorpios hoping to gain some insight into their career path and tendencies, or anyone working with a Scorpio who hopes to tap into their professional disposition, here are 5 points to consider:

1. Scorpios are Fiercely Passionate, Intense and Enigmatic

Scorpios are known as one of the most intense and passionate signs of the Zodiac. This enigmatic energy often ignites inspiration and competitive drive in others within the workplace, making them natural leaders and change-makers, frequently gravitating towards professional roles which require them to manage, solve and create. Scorpios are known for their unrelenting focus and determination, whilst maintaining a reputation for their fair and respectful nature.

The flip side?  Their intense nature makes them overtly confident and competitive, traits which can undoubtedly lead to professional success, but can also intimidate others or come across as inherently polarizing. Scorpios also tend to view money as a source of security and control, which means they are great at saving money… almost too great, at times (when you may want them to be a little less frivolous).

2. Scorpios Value Honesty and Loyalty Above All Else

People born under the Scorpio sign are known to be extremely dedicated, honest and loyal, both personally and professionally. You can trust that whatever a Scorpio tells you (a compliment, constructive feedback etc.) is genuine and well-intentioned, as people born under this sign are rarely of the “kiss a*s” nature and steer clear of false flattery. Scorpios always want to keep it real, and expect their peers to as well. And you can trust that if you have a Scorpio on your corner, they will always be there for you (as long as you never betray their trust, that is).

The flip side?  Scorpios are notorious for being highly suspicious of everything. While they are typically very loyal characters with good intentions, they often fear that others may not return that sentiment, making them prone to (sometimes irrational) trust issues directed towards their inner circle and colleagues. This can also make them come across as highly obsessive and jealous, at times. If you let a Scorpio down once, they aren’t typically one to offer second chances.

3. Scorpios have a Knack for Problem Solving and they Never Mix Business with Friendship

Scorpios are known for their intelligence and clever/cunning nature, making them natural-born problem solvers. Their personality is often described as ‘complex’, but this seemingly makes them extremely competent while solving complex problems and proposing solutions that their colleagues may have never thought of. Their generally guarded nature lends its hand to a strong and sensible professional persona, generally allowing them to keep business as exactly that — business.

The flip side?  Sometimes, Scorpios may keep it a little too real and professional. Since they do not form personal attachments and connections easily, they may come across as harsh or cold in professional scenarios or negotiations involving colleagues or clients who they do not feel they are on the same page with or can relate to.

4. Scorpios are Inherently Ruled by their Emotions

As aforementioned, Scorpios are incredibly loyal and passionate, traits which stem from their ultimately emotional nature. This can make them incredible friends and colleagues, in terms of having strong emotional intuition, understanding and empathy. They might be good at maintaining a calm, cool and collected exterior, but Scorpios often experience intense highs and lows both personally and professionally.

The flip side?  Largely ruled by their emotions, Scorpios can be extremely difficult to console when upset. Those intense emotional highs and lows that they frequently experience can leave them (and their loved ones or close colleagues) feeling emotionally exhausted, at times. Additionally, they may have a hard time taking their emotions out of certain scenarios or decisions, when it’s required that they do so.

5. Scorpios Are Guarded, Independent and Incredibly Picky as to Who They Allow in their Circle

Scorpios, much like those born under the Leo sign, are of strong nature and typically very independent.  As such, (and likely due to their tendency towards suspicion and distrust) Scorpios tend to be extremely observant and ultimately selective in regards to who they allow into their personal or professional circle. In fact, it usually takes a great deal of time and patience to get to know a Scorpio on a deeper, more intimate level, as they are notorious for being a tad secretive and tough to crack. When a Scorpio lets you in, you have truly earned their trust and appreciation.

The flip side?  Considering their sense of caution and inherent skepticism towards the intentions of others, Scorpios can be extremely hard to read and, at times, hard to connect with in a professional setting. This can make them seem like a ‘lone wolf’ or overly secretive and/or mysterious, if they begin work on a new team where they haven’t yet had the time to make real connections and establish trust.