Professional Horoscope: Leos

There is no denying it — the concept of horoscopes and astrology isn’t for everyone.

But with that said, even for the biggest skeptics among us, there is something reassuring (and at times, enlightening) about identifying with predictions that seemingly align with our habits and tendencies, moods, lifestyle, and our professional and romantic status.

Are our stars truly accurate in regards to actually predicting our future? Or is astrology predominantly hinged on self-fulfilling prophecy? I’m never entirely sure, but I do believe that these observations tend to tap into our innermost desires and thoughts, the details to our internal state and personality that we may already be aware of, but need someone else (or a greater force of some kind) to confirm for us.

These predictions and observations can also prove especially true in the realm of our careers, and the professional habits that drive (or at times, inhibit) our momentum. Leos (born July 23 – August 22), are known as the prideful, fiery and often stubborn sign of the Zodiac. I myself was born on the Leo-Virgo cusp (I couldn’t commit to just one sign, obviously) and find that many of the signature habits and tendencies associated with Leos, resonate with who I am at my core.

So for the Leos hoping to gain some insight into their career path and tendencies, or anyone working with a Leo and hopes to tap into their dynamic, here are 5 points to consider:

1. Leos are Natural Leaders

This likely doesn’t come as any surprise. The lion, a sign belonging to the element of fire — brings with it notions of a bold, passionate and ‘take no prisoners’ attitude towards life, love and career. Leos tend to hinge on the more dramatic side of the spectrum, acting as creative, dominant and self-confident forces within the workforce. This quality taps into an inherent penchant for leadership roles and opportunities.

The flip side?  Leos like to be the centre of attention. This means they thrive in roles where they can exert their dominance and leadership qualities, but may struggle in situations where they have to take the backseat or act as a more submissive counterpart within a company or business transaction.

Leos might also over-exert their charm in situations which will not be responsive to such an approach, and have a tendency to be extremely stubborn or seemingly egotistical. Explicitly in-touch with their desires and ‘sense of self’, Leos have no problem communicating effectively in regards to what they want or need from others, but can (at times) unconsciously neglect the needs of others in the pursuit of their own professional agenda and achievements.

2. Leos are Passionate and Loyal

Notorious for their generosity and loyalty, Leos can be some of the best people to have in your professional corner. Their aptitude for passionate endeavours creates a vibe of inspiration within their professional circles, allowing others to benefit from their infectious and motivated energy. They will stop at nothing to be the best and achieve what they set out to do, and have an unrelenting stamina when it comes to their natural passion for life and success.

Leos also tend to remain busy, regardless of any need for employment, as their ambition and creative optimism keeps them firmly rooted in the pursuit of their professional success. With this in mind, management roles, education, entertainment or politics tend to be a good career avenues.

The flip side?  Leos might struggle to find professional reward in jobs that are not ideally aligned with their passions, and as aforementioned, they often don’t respond well to superior figures, especially if they feel their creative control is being limited or inhibited by said figure. They also attach a great deal of energy and emotion in their ability to ‘be the best’, so they may struggle with the concept of failure or disappointment at times.

Leos also love to be surrounded by luxury and modern/trendy flair, and are often not as financially responsible as other signs (driven by passion and desire rather than calculated rationale). Additionally, as inherently generous people, Leos may over-extend their generosity (and loyalty) to others in some cases, because the act of giving makes them feel valued, needed and important.

leos-career-horoscope3. Leos are Effective Communicators

Leos know what they want to say and trust me, they want to be heard. This makes them highly effective communicators and presenters; they have no problem speaking up and captivating an audience (whether one person or an entire room) with eloquent and assertive conversation, laced with their inherent charm. This can often translate into an enhanced ability for sales, public speaking and managerial scenarios.

The flip side?  Leos may assume that everyone else also shares their bold and uninhibited approach to communication, which can prevent them from reading between the lines and showing a degree of understanding for softer-spoken individuals who may struggle with what they want to say (and how they want to say it). In this regard, Leos can seemingly overlook or over-step people they work with who don’t often speak up, without even realizing it. They also don’t take kindly to feeling ignored, or as though their insight/advice isn’t being actively received and listened to.

Further, Leos tend to be highly opinionated, a trait which can either inspire others in their professional circle, or rub people the wrong way. It should come as no surprise that with their passionate flair for the dramatic, Leos rarely shy away from an argument or heated debate, either, which can inspire both positive and negative reactions.

4. Leos are Inherently Optimistic

Their natural energy and optimistic approach to each day is undeniable, and often infectious in it’s own right, as Leos tend to see the positive in even the most negative scenarios. They are usually the passionate dreamers of the group, the one’s who never lose sight of the end game and bigger picture, despite any obstacles that may exist.

The flip side?  While their optimism is inspiring, sometimes it may be unrealistic. They often want to see the beauty and the potential in every scenario, even those that may require a more logical, level-headed assessment and approach.

5. Leos are Risk Takers

Leos generally have the professional kahunas and confidence to make the tough decisions required of many career landscapes, take the creative risks that others may shy away from, and possess the natural charm required to finesse intimidating conversations and negotiations with clients and co-workers. When it comes to taking a risky career decision or leap, without hemming and hawing over the fear of potential consequence, Leos are the best in the biz. They want to be the movers and shakers and they understand that with high risk, comes high reward.

The flip side?  While risks are a necessary part of life, they aren’t always the right move (or well thought out). Leos can be polarizing in their desire to go full steam ahead with certain decisions or tactics that may be more risk than they are worth, which can result in major professional mis-steps if not frequently remedied with reason, logic and effective deliberation.