Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Reads and Rates “Mean” Tweets About Himself

This here is a version of Mean Tweets softer than a baby’s cranium.

But since the subject is someone of higher significance than, say, David Blaine, it’s worth a share.

Below you’ll see Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reading “mean” tweets about himself and responding in a polite manner. It was produced by BuzzFeed, so it’s expectedly safe and allows Trudeau to respond to each tweet only in Buzzspeak. Which is to say, with an “omg,” “cute,” “yaaaaas,” etc.

The PM confronts intense criticisms like being pretty, having good hair, not being trustworthy because he’s hot, and being into colouring books. There’s even a marijuana joke for the PG-13 crowd. Obviously, Drake and Bieber are mentioned as well.

Sorry BuzzFeed, we’re gonna have to give you a ‘thumbs down’ emoji for this one. You probably should have left this gig to Jimmy Kimmel…


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