Pretty Soon, Millennials Won’t Even Have a Space to Die in Toronto

Like it wasn’t hard enough trying to find somewhere to live in Toronto, apparently, it doesn’t get any easier after you die.

Nicole Hanson, an urban planner with the pretty morbid job of studying death in cities, estimates that Toronto will run out of cemetery space in the next 10 to 15 years if the city doesn’t get its act together.

So, alongside crippling student debt and underemployment, you can now add “no space to die” to the growing list of reasons why millennials are totally fucked as a generation.

“The reason for the shortages is density,” she said. “Land is scarce and the city is growing.”


Unfortunately, many plots in the city are pre-bought and tied to families, and, similar to the real estate crisis, people are being forced to go outside the city to find cheaper graves.

Fortunately, ward five Coun. Justin Di Ciano is trying to do something about it. He put forward a motion this week to have the city undertake a “cemetery needs assessment” to determine how much space we have left and make a plan for the future.

Of course, there are alternatives to burial plots, like cremation or turning your remains into a kickass tree. And I’m sure you have much more pressing matters to attend to right now than deciding your eternal resting place. Still, here’s hoping the city figures this situation out while we all still have a pulse.