Ways to Show Your Boss You’re the Perfect Employee (Without Working Overtime)

It’s every recent graduate’s dream to be able to say the magic words, “I’m working in my field.” Starting a career that you’ve spent years training for is thrilling, and once you get that job, impressing your boss is the best way to keep it.

However, actually doing that is a challenge for most employees, and many find themselves working around the clock in efforts to get a promotion. Really, networking, setting goals, keeping a positive attitude, and maintaining your personal image are all crucial to achieving status as the perfect employee, and once you have that money in-pocket, it’s important to know how to spend it.

Keep all of these attributes in shape and you’ll be the employee of the month before you know it. All you need to do is prepare.  


There’s nothing like rubbing elbows to prove you’re a determined employee. Reach out directly to the big names in your industry, whether it’s with a phone call, email, tweet, or face-to-face interaction. Find and attend get-togethers or career fairs for others in your field, and come prepared. Make a personal website and keep it up to date. Maintain an active presence on social media and engage with other companies through your personal accounts.

Showing your boss that you’re serious, connected, and always prepared to step up in your career could be the difference between staying stagnant in a company and getting a promotion. If you can bring new business to your boss in the process, they won’t forget it.

Set goals

Setting personal goals shows those in charge that you’re truly passionate about what you do. Take some time out of your week to create a to-do list for yourself as a professional, and set a deadline for when you’ll finish it by. As time goes on and you check items off the list, you’ll find yourself with an armful of accomplishments to show higher-ups. This also keeps track of your accomplishments for when your annual review rolls around. Show employers that you’re able to do good work without having to be constantly managed and they’ll be itching to keep you on their team.

Check yourself

Even if you’re the hardest worker in the world, presence matters, especially to employers. You need to look, dress, and act the part if you’re going to stick with a job you’re proud of.

Before you leave the house to go to a function, shift, or interview, make sure that you and your clothes are clean and sharp. Wear a suit or tailored jacket, and a pair of nice shoes and pants. If you’re feeling feminine, a well-fitted dress and some heels will always impress.

Little things like checking your vehicle matter, too. Driving your boss to a meeting in a messy car won’t look good, so at the very least, get your car washed and clean its interior. If you use your car often and feel in need of an upgrade, consider moving onto something professional and efficient, like a modern sedan.

Invest wisely

Once you’ve got the job, it’s time to consider what to do with your hard-earned money. The smartest way to do that is investing in belongings that will show your boss that you’re mature, responsible, and know what to do with your finances.

If you’re not ready yet to invest in property but want to build your equity, purchasing a sustainable vehicle is a rewarding choice. Fuel efficient sedans like the Mitsubishi Mirage, which comes with a 10-year Powertrain limited warranty, are reliable and affordable for anyone looking for simplicity and style on the road. It’s lightweight, speedy, and built to fit whatever you need to bring with you into its subcompact design.

If wheels aren’t in your future, consider investing in your personal space and happiness. Spruce up your living situation, donate to a charity, or sit back and treat yourself. You can also take a more economic approach. Get a financial advisor or life coach, or invest some of your promotion funds into the stock market or a TFSA. Whatever you choose to spend your money on, use it as an opportunity to help you move even further up the professional ladder.