These 5 Businesses Are Winning Customers Over With Exceptional Customer Service

We see it quite often; people remain fiercely loyal to a business because they’re so impressed with the company’s customer service. It’s arguably more common, though, to see people ditch businesses that may offer a great product on the market, but treat customers as an afterthought. Truly successful businesses pride themselves on being attentive to customer needs and investing in ways that make us feel like we’re getting more than our dollars’ worth. So much so, that you’re more than happy to recommend them to friends and family.

Here are five businesses that are making an impression by offering stellar customer service:

The beloved hotel chain is consistently ranked one of the world’s top performers when it comes to customer service, and for good reason: it empowers employees to help guests in a way that is timely, personal, proactive and contains a wow factor. In fact, one of their policies empowers employees to spend up to $2,000 to make any single guest satisfied. Seriously, they’ll alleviate concerns before guests can even get upset about them. Remembering that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, HSBC – one of the largest banking groups in the world – actually sought Ritz-Carlton’s advice on how to provide better customer service. Clearly, Ritz Carlton is getting it right.

Photo: Ritz-Carlton Toronto

The world’s premier online retailer is a perennial number one when it comes to wooing customers with standout customer experience. Automatic refunds when service standards aren’t abided by, free shipping on orders and price guarantees on pre-ordered items are just some of the ways Amazon achieves this unbridled loyalty. Oh, and not to mention having cool customer service reps who take the form of Norse gods to ensure customers are satisfied. Amazon’s entire shopping experience is seamless, from time-saving one-click checkouts to having the ability to set up recurring orders. They also offer personalized recommendations based on past purchases, so if you want to know which pillow shams will go with that bedding you just ordered, Amazon has you covered.

In an industry where despising your telco seems to be status quo, TELUS stands out as a company that is doing more to go above and beyond. TELUS is truly changing the way we approach talking to a telco, thanks to their focus on providing great customer service.

From free, in-person Learning Centre tutorials (they provided more than 70,000) individual sessions in 2015 alone) to customized health tech sessions to learn how to get the most out of your wearable fitness devices, TELUS is on a mission to put customers at the centre of everything they do. Outside of their stores, they’re proving that they know how to leverage social media to create great customer experiences. They have the results to prove their focus is paying off: 95 per cent of customers say they are happy with TELUS’ customer service1 and 99 per cent of them choose to stay with TELUS each month1, which says a lot in a hyper-competitive mobile market.

The tech industry is riddled with companies who respond to inquiries with generic tweets or automated chat, so it’s especially refreshing to be treated to personalized service by a cloud computing company as if they were your best friend. Rackspace’s customer service has been described as “fanatical” indeed, their trademarked brand of customer service is literally called “Fanatical Support.” They’ve even gone as far as to order a pizza for a hungry customer during a marathon troubleshooting session. With their five key promises, Rackspace has established core values that tie directly to the customer experience problems that businesses have with other cloud computing companies.

Considering how much some of us depend on Apple products, the company does an incredibly sound job of keeping us all happy. While most companies only ever report their satisfied customer experiences (three or more stars), 40 per cent of Apple customers report an excellent experience (that’s five stars)! Much of this comes down to employees being motivated and proud of their work, which is how we’d feel too if we were around iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks all day. These predominantly positive customer experiences can be attributed in large part to the success of the Genius Bar, which Apple unveiled back in 2001. To quote Steve Jobs: “Wouldn’t it be great if when you went to buy a computer, or after you bought a computer, if you had any questions, you could ask a genius? Well that’s what we’ve got.“

These trailblazers are leading the way when it comes to customer service. We can think of a few companies that could follow these organizations leads. And who knows, maybe next time we’ll be highlighting 10 trailblazers in customer service instead of just five!


1 – source : Based on a quarterly average in 2015 for national telecommunications companies that report on customer loyalty statistics.