This is What Three Different Weddings Budgets Will Get You

A wedding does a whole lot more than just celebrate the union of two people and their families – it also racks up quite the bill!

Canadian publication Wedding Bells magazine estimated that the average cost of a wedding in Canada is $30,000. So how do you create the coveted day of your dreams on a budget that’s scaled to your bank account?

Here are some clever ideas to swing discounts where possible and still achieve wedding day bliss on any budget.

Backyard Wedding: $10,000


Venue: Home
Where better to celebrate your wedding than right at home in your parents’ backyard? Party tent rentals with dancefloor, tables and chairs will leave you with money to spare for a great DJ or live band.

Décor: Rustic and Vintage-Inspired DIY
Your time will be the largest investment in this décor route, as you may find yourself hopping from one Value Village or Winners store to the next. Or, you can find great deals on Craigslist or Facebook groups where brides sell their decorations at a fraction of the cost. Chances are good that you’ll find another bride with very similar décor tastes, and voilà, you’re all set!

Food: Nonna’s Catering
First, search for caterers who will supply plates and cutlery in addition to food. Or, perhaps you’re lucky enough to have talented cooks in the family who are willing to prepare the meal as their wedding gift. If the meal is not the main event, you can scale it back to a simple cocktail reception or a small private dinner.

Dress: Designer on a Dime
If you are so inclined to stretch your dollar, consider attending a second-hand wedding dress event where you may find your dream designer dress at a fraction of the cost. Regardless of where you buy, you’ll most likely need to get it tailored. With the funds you save on purchasing second-hand, you can splurge on a talented seamstress to tailor it to your exact measurements.

Destination Wedding: $30,000

Venue: Mountain Resort, Island Getaway, or Wine Country Villa
Canada has many breathtaking backdrops to offer for a gorgeous wedding celebration. Have you seen Instagram photos of weddings on the beaches in Tofino, or the Rocky Mountains in Banff, or the lush wine country in Kelowna? Wherever you choose, the bill often comes all-inclusive with venue and catering.
$20,000 (including catering)

Décor: Minimalist
With such exquisite views setting the scene for your special day, your décor can remain subtle. Choose flowers, vases, and small touches that keep the dining table nuanced rather than flashy.

Dress: Traditional or Bohemian
A fairy-tale landscape calls for a dress that echoes the occasion. The only question is if you’ll jump on the flower crown trend or opt for real jewels.

Opulent, Downtown Wedding: $50,000


Venue: The Ritz-Carlton
There is genuine enchantment in a city wedding at a hotel. Find one with a storied history of visiting royals and socialites waltzing together in the grand ballrooms for an extra touch of high-society. Scheduling your big day on either a Sunday or a long weekend will help lower the final cost.
$30,000 (including catering)

Décor: Leave it to the Experts
For a wedding on this scale, you’ve most likely enlisted the specialized talent of a wedding planner to bring your vision to life. And at this type of venue, it’s more of a necessity than a luxury.

Dress: Glamorous
Finding “The One” can refer to your future spouse, as well as finding a gorgeous gown fit for a princess.

The big day should be one you never forget. It also marks the step into the next stage of your life. For those weddings where no expense can be spared, you might want to consider a TD Personal/Unsecured Line of Credit, where you can combine flexibility of a revolving line of credit with the stability of a fixed portion.

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Be smart with your finances as you enter this next stage of life, because the resources are there to give you everything you want.