Presentation Persuasion: Leave Your Mark

Let’s face it; presentations are a big deal. And if you don’t think so, you may be doing something wrong. Whether you’ve been up all night stressing and preparing, or you are always completely confident, the pressure is on to look your best, nail those public speaking skills and at least sound like you know what you’re talking about. Presentations also mean the inevitable. Whether you like it or not, your entire audience is taking in everything about you – right from your mannerisms to your accessories and footwear. Make a statement with shoes that mean business from ALDO, ones that won’t break the bank but will still look the part, be remembered and give you that added boost of confidence for the presentation. 

For the guys…
ALDO’s Donnat make a reliable go-to staple for a presentation and are easy to pair with most of that section of closet reserved for your ‘work clothes’. The dressy and modern slip-on loafer is serious enough to show you are refined and mean business in a presentation, but isn’t so stiff and rigid that you’re seen as unapproachable or superior – a major bonus when presenting to potential clients or colleagues alike. Comfort is key when standing for prolonged periods during a presentation, and these shoes are designed to be gentle on the feet for pain-free wearability, from morning coffee to happy hour drinks with coworkers. Perfect for the summer, they can be paired with a relaxed khaki pant. The slip-on loafer is made with suede, with a rubber sole, cotton canvas lining and contrast piping. They are available in navy and bone. 

For the ladies…
ALDO’s Irma is the perfect shoe to reveal your style in addition to your brains during a presentation. Though flats may seem a welcomed subtle option for a presentation, there is a certain confidence gained from the additional height offered from a pair of heels. Unlike some heels, which have the potential to make standing on a hard surface for a presentation complete torture, the Irma makes wearing the shoes effortless with the easy-wear, chunky-heeled t-strap sandals. Made with leather with a synthetic sole and an adjustable ankle strap, they are available in either camel or black and make a versatile sandal for the summer months, pairing well with most styles of summer dress or skirt. 

Whether you’re still faking it until you make it or have comfortably arrived, both shoes are sure to leave a lasting impression for your next presentation. The best part? With fall just around the corner, most of ALDO’s summer stock is on sale.