Pop Up Hot Spot: The Feasting Room

The Feasting Room pop-up in The Orbit Room on College Street should be avoided by vegetarians like the plague. Carnivorous YPs, read on.

This Thursday through Sunday night dinner concept launched a couple weeks ago, and is bringing a nose-to-tail approach to feeding patrons. When you reserve a spot, you show up knowing only what animal you’ll be enjoying for the night. (As The Feasting Room’s slogan goes, “A different beast every week.”) The courses, well that’s up to Chef to decide. For instance, next week sees an ode to the pig, the following you’ll be dining on duck, and after that the chicken is the star of the show.

In previous nights, dishes like head cheese with pickled veg, pounded pig spleen with bacon and salad, and cannoli fried in pork fat were seen. The cost isn’t too ample considering the selection of plates – a few courses – and the potential wine pairings brought. For only $65 you get to take part in this ‘blind’ tasting, and you can top up with wine for each course for an additional $35.

The Feasting Room is only on for a few more weeks, though the concept may be carried over, or a permanent residence may be found. If you’re a meat-loving, wine sloshing YP, you should get in on the action, and head over for a blind feast of beastly fury.

Image courtesy of Gizelle Lau, 2012, The Feasting Room.