Poll Results: Toronto’s Best Beer As Voted By You

So last week we asked you about the city’s best brew and Steam Whistle made everyone else look like a bunch of rookies. They crushed it (like an empty green can), coming in with three-quarters of the entire vote. Apparently they’re not just the most photographed destination in Toronto, they’re also the most desired beer in the city. Below you’ll find a pie chart – ‘cause bar graphs are so 2000s – that breaks down the big numbers. Well, there’s really just one big number, isn’t there? If you disagree with what you see, let us know in the comment section, or, you know, just vote next time.

Steam Whistle is the clear city champ with a crazy-high 73% of the vote. 

Mill St. managed to grab one in 10 Toronto votes for a second place finish. 

While surprisingly Amsterdam (4%), Bellwoods (3%), Kensington Brewing Company (3%), and Great Lakes Brewery (3%) were barely able to get on the board. Probably too many people drinking the product rather than voting for it.   

Looking for the city’s best caffeine kick? Here‘s what you, Notable readers, consider Toronto’s best coffee.


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