Poll Results: Best Burrito in Toronto

And the winner is:

Burrito Boyz

And it wasn’t even close.

With 40% of the vote, it seems you know exactly where you prefer to pick up your favourite burrito in the city.

Fat Bastard Burrito Co. came in second place with 13% and in a somewhat surprising result, Chipotle managed to grab bronze with 11%. And while the purpose of polls is to decide winners and losers, we say –  if you’ve got a burrito in your hand, regardless of where it’s from, you’re already winning. 

Below you’ll find a 3D cupcake graph – fine, it’s a pie graph – that breaks down all the big numbers. Take a look, and if you disagree with what you see let us know in the comment section, or, you know, just vote next time. 


Cover Image: Phenu.com

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