Playboy Just Featured a Woman in a Hijab for the First Time Ever

We know – Playboy isn’t exactly known for shattering stereotypes when it comes to women.

But a recent move from the magazine is getting a lot of attention, and not for the reasons you might expect.

Noor Tagouri is a Muslim-American journalist. She’s also the first hijab-wearing woman to appear in Playboy.

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She is being featured as one of their ‘Renegades of 2016’, a group of men and women from a variety of different fields ranging from business, to music, even gaming and porn.

“They’ve risked it all – even their lives – to do what they love, showing us what can be accomplished if we break the rules,” reads the introduction prefacing Tagouri’s piece.

At only 22, Tagouri already has a TEDx talk under her belt and a YouTube channel that garners tens of thousands of views. Her goal is to become the first hijabi anchor on commercial U.S. television, and as an on-air reporter at Newsy, she is clearly well on her way.

Photo: Kate Warren, via Playboy

Photo: Kate Warren, via Playboy

“I may dress a little different – I’m a reporter who happens to wear a head scarf and I live in my hoodie –but being a storyteller, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and unapologetically myself has opened so many doors for thousands of people,” Tagouri tells Playboy.

While many people online have supported Tagouri’s history-making feature in the magazine, she’s also received some flack for associating with a publication that has typically had more T&A than journalistic value.

But considering Tagouri was featured for her willingness to “break the rules,” we have a feeling she knew exactly what she was doing and isn’t scared of a little controversy.

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