6 Strong Suggestions on Plane Etiquette

As an avid traveller I have taken my fair share of flights. Whether it’s a quick flight to get to New York or a long haul flight to Beijing or Sydney. Over the years I’ve encountered some great flights (and upgrades) and had some absolutely terrible experiences, adding to the jetlag.

Below are 6 strong suggestions on plane etiquette and personal pet peeves of mine. So the next time you scan your boarding pass, don’t be THAT person.

Who does the armrest belong to?
When your in the middle seat, you’re in survival mode! If you don’t know either of your neighbours it’s even worse!  If you are on the window or the aisle don’t be a dick and hog the arm rest, it’s literally the only place for the middle seater to go!

How trips to the bathroom is too many?
I’d say if the flight is 4 or less hours, one bathroom trip is sufficient. If you are sitting by the window and you bother your neighbours 3 or 4 times to get up, it’s just rude. Pregnant or weak blatter, choose an aisle seat, everyone wins! I once had someone in the window seat in my row get up 6 times on a 5 hour flight. If he was sick that’s one thing, I would be sensitive that. In reality he was drunk and had broken the seal apparently- annoying! I’m all for having a drink or two (especially for the nervous flyer) but again, choose an aisle seat of your plan is to get lit!

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Plane food.
We all know plane food is gross, unless you’re up in first class eating steak tartare. Last month I took four different 5 hour flights to and from Costa Rica and San Francisco and on both occasions had to pay for food. Air Canada doesn’t even offer pretzels or cookies anymore, you’re lucky to get a cup of water or coffee. Also, if you miss the first pass at the food cart, meals are likely sold out. How does that even happen? This brings me to my next point. Nothing drives me more insane then when the guy beside me sits down and wolfs a huge burger right beside me. Burger juice dripping all over the traytable and on his lap- gross. I’m a big supporter of eating in the terminal before boarding. If you are tight on time frame, try to choose a less smelly option.

Overhead storage.
Planes are small and I understand there is only so much room in the overhead bins. If you are going to put a backpack or purse up there get what you need out of it before storing.  Also, I find it hilarious when people try to bring roller suitcases on board when the gate agent clearly told them they need to be gate checked due to the size of the aircraft. It’s like these people have personal attachments to their bag and cannot part with it for a few hours. The more you argue, the longer everyone waits, bottom line- listen to the agents!

airplanes-travel-planes-plane etiquette-etiquetteChildren onboard.
I don’t personally have kids, but I do have sympathy when I see parents boarding the plane with babies or small kids. I’ve always been a firm believer for not letting your life stop because you have a baby. I give kudos to parents who travel with their small kids, it can’t be easy. I know everyone secretly prays as they board they are not sitting in a close proximity to the child, but you don’t have much control over that, so let’s give the parents a break. When babies shriek during a flight, sure it’s annoying, but what can you do. I even had a toddler throw up in the seat in front of me once. I had to send my purse to the dry cleaner, as it was under the seat infront of me. Not fun, but it can happen. Pack earplugs and pray the sounds of the engine (or ipads) can lul the kids to sleep.

What happens after landing.
Once the plane lands and the seat belt sign switches off there is always a mad rush to get to the aisle. Unless you are going to be sprinting for your connection, there’s no need to spring up if you’re sitting in seat 26F, you’re going to have to wait anyways! Instead, neatly organize your things and pay attention so when it’s your turn you can grab your bag and leave. On that note, when they tell you to line up on the left side of the jet bridge do it. Don’t linger where people are trying to walk, you will get your bag, just chill.

These are just a few of the bigger ones. I would love to hear more from a flight attendants perspective!