Pioneer Mixtrax Brings the Club to You

Have you ever wanted to bring a club-like atmosphere to your car? You’ll be able to do just that with Pioneer’s new Mixtrax technology. 

This nifty software takes the music from an iPhone/iPod or USB/SD device and plays it back with added transitions and effects creating a virtual DJ inside your Pioneer product. By using the software, the user’s entire music collection is analyzed and various musical attributes, including tempo and beats per minute (BPM), are identified. Also, Mixtrax is able to identify the best transition points of each song in the music library and seamlessly mixes and blends the tracks together, much like a DJ performing live.  

Speaking at the Mixtrax launch recently, Andrew Murphy, Director of Marketing for Pioneer Electronics of Canada Inc. said: “Pioneer’s Mixtrax technology combines our rich DJ heritage with our passion for music and delivers a unique DJ-infused listening experience to our customers.”

“Music has a unique ability to affect our moods, our feelings, and even our energy levels. With Mixtrax, the listener hears the same kind of high-energy, nonstop mix they’d hear in a club or at a party, but now created seamlessly from their own music collection.” 

Mixtrax is implemented in a variety of worldwide Pioneer car audio products and STEEZ products designed for the dance community. It is available free to anyone via and the iTunes App Store.

Image courtesy Pioneer Mixtrax