Pink Ribbon$ Inc. Screening Tonight at Denman Cinemas

We’re tickled pink at the thought of attending the screening of Pink Ribbon$ Inc., a Canadian-made documentary by Léa Pool that asks viewers to think hard about the way we view and support the plethora of ‘ribbon’-driven campaigns to raise awareness about diseases. Pool’s film delves into the increasingly corporate stronghold big brand companies have come to enjoy, all in the name of fostering support and a sense of ‘sisterhood.’

Pink Ribbon$ Inc., an official TIFF 2011 selection, sets the lens squarely on the business underbelly that belies non-profit fundraising and uses breast cancer as a controversial example. As young professionals who are constantly looking for ways to increase awareness about issues, support notable causes and maintain an informed outlook, we think this documentary is definitely one to watch and talk about.   

As sensitive an issue as this is, and as good a cause as widespread awareness and fundraising may be, there is a very questionable corporate side to the Pink Ribbon machine that Pool’s film seeks to engage with.  

We’re keen to learn more about the behind-the-scenes deals, ongoing marketing, and branded promotional agreements that Pink Ribbon$ Inc. calls into question. This film aims to offer a different take on the so-called ‘pink ribbon’ success story we see throughout Canada and across North America, tapping into insights shared by survivors, activists, medical professionals and critics alike. 

Interested in checking this film out yourself? View the trailer here and attend the screening today, February 1st, at Denman Cinemas (1737 Comox Street) for $15 per ticket.

Doors open: 6:30pm (with reception music courtesy of Lisa Chase and winetasting by Road 13 Winery)
Screening starts: 7:30pm (followed by a Skype open discussion with producer Ravida Din).