3 Cool Facts About The Pink Moon Tonight (And The Perfect Song For This Mystic Moment)

Tonight’s pink moon symbolizes the start of spring and we can feel its energy in multiple ways. Here’s everything you need to know about tonight’s Full Moon in Libra that will rise at 8:27 p.m. in the East.

Why pink?
The ritual of naming full moons originates from Native Americans. Tribes kept track of their seasons with distinctive names for each of the full moons. The “pink” was chosen based off the wild ground phlox that rapidly bloomed in the springtime. So unfortunately the moon won’t be our favourite shade of blush pink, but it will be big and beautiful.

More than the Moon
Because the pink moon will be very close to Jupiter this year, if it’s a starry clear night, you’ll get a view of the pink moon and the biggest planet in the solar system. Look up in the sky in the early evening and try your best to spot Spica (the 16th brightest star in the night sky) above and to the right of the moon. Jupiter will be directly above that star, and it will do a dance along the night sky together with the moon and Spica. Because this will be a precise celestial moment, it’s important to catch it when they hit their highest peak around midnight and hang low in the west until sunrise.

What it means for you
We love mystic millennials, so we wanted to put a focus on the spiritual side of the full moon tonight. This full moon is not only about the bloom of Spring, it’s your call to spiritual action. Aside from focusing on new and exciting things that could bloom up in your own life, know that this is your chance to create change. Whether you’ve been pushing off starting your own business, haven’t felt empowered to approach your love interest or just want to finally cut your hair – the moon is in your favour this month. Now is your time.