Everyone Needs to Read Pierre Trudeau’s Comments on Diversity Right Now

As our neighbours to the South grapple with a leader who wants to re-instate some sort of all-American fairyland of decades past, we can be proud to live in a country that welcomes people of all backgrounds with open arms.

Over the weekend, Donald Trump signed a troubling anti-immigrant executive order. Justin Trudeau responded by saying Canada would accept those turned away by the United States.

When we came across a quote by former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau – Justin’s father, of course – we were struck by the currency it bears. Please read it in full:


Yes, sir.

“The thing that is gonna kill whatever mythical nostalgic vision of Canada you people hold won’t be Muslims. It won’t be Trudeau or whatever the next bogeyman is. It won’t be Chinese millionaires buying up all the land. It’ll be automation and it’s gonna drive your kids to move into the diverse cities you hate so much to seek out a newer way of life,” wrote another reddit user.

And he’s right – almost have of Canada’s jobs will be endangered by automation in the next 10 to 15 years.

So in case you catch yourself complaining about others taking jobs, destroying culture, and eroding values, just make sure targeting the right crowd: robots.