Pierre et Pierre Brings the Prohibition Era to Saint Denis

Boardwalk Empire? Well, sort of. The concept of Saint-Denis’ newest resident Pierre et Pierre centres around touches and inspirations from the prohibition era – and the details are pretty damn notable.

Here’s how it went down.

During the owners’ first visit at the establishment, they discovered that there was a tunnel linking the Saint-Sacrement Church to Pierre et Pierre on the original blueprints. After investigating, they found that a corrupted priest from that era (Pierre Saint-Sacrement) used their now restaurant as a brothel/bar. People would walk in and out from the church so no one would notice. The priest used to send bootleggers to the islands of Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, a French colony, to get his alcoholic provisions. Hence the name Pierre et Pierre. 

The design of the space is based on that era’s concept and adapted the rustic look of that period of time. Even the bathrooms have a little something special designed on the walls to immerse the client in the experience. 

The menu was curated by their very own chef, Julie Zyromski. It offers a variety of cuisine that they define as “easy cuisine” (cuisine facile). From the more complex dishes down to the grilled cheese, Julie has refined every item on the menu to reflect her culinary skills and experience. 

Mixology is also a big part of Pierre et Pierre. Being labelled as a speakeasy doesn’t come with an easy territory or marketable approach. They had to establish themselves in a unique way and their cocktail menu is where the fun starts. They have a variety of homemade cocktails based on daily fresh ingredients and the finest spirits available. There’s something for every season and every palate. 

Make sure you check out this super unique spot; they are open seven days a week from 6pm to 3am.

Nucky Thompson would be proud.



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