People Steal Ridiculous Things from Hotels… Including Pianos

You’re all just a bunch of thieves.

According to an estimate from the American Hotel and Lodging Association, theft costs hotels across the world around $100 million a year – which is a big number, but not hard to believe once you read studies like the one that showed 69% of Brits admitted to stealing from a hotel while on a foreign holiday.

The most commonly pilfered items range from pretty obvious to pretty surprising: towels & linens, cutlery, batteries, light bulbs, picture frames, curtains, Bibles and pillows – though they’ll usually send an invoice for pillows. Apparently they’re expensive.

But according to the Telegraph, some people have adopted a mind-blowing interpretation of “hospitality” with the items they’ve taken at the time of their informal check-out.

So don’t feel too bad about that rag of a bathrobe you snagged from the Omni, because at some point these things actually went missing… 

– The minibar fridge. No, like the actual fridge.  This happened in a 5-star hotel in Dubai. Oh, they also took the sofa in the room too.

– Showerheads, hydromassage shower units, taps, toilet seats, and sink – all from one room in Berlin.

– A stuffed boar’s head. But he got caught. Apparently the hotel didn’t buy the whole, “I came in with it” routine.

– A marble fireplace – we repeat: a MARBLE fireplace – from the Four Seasons Beverly Hills. Suspects include several superheroes and Chuck Norris.

– A medieval sword. Biggest. Suitcase. Ever.

– A suit of armor. Wait a second… does someone have a time machine we don’t know about?

– A piece of Andy Warhol artwork from the W Hong Kong. Value: $300,000

– A 12-foot-long model of a Concorde jet. Which we totally get if they were flying Delta.

– A grand piano. How? Apparently, three people dressed in overalls strolled into a lobby and just wheeled the thing out.


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