Peckinpah BBQ

Located on the well-known corner of Water and Carral Streets, Peckinpah offers unpretentious food that will have you ignoring your knife and fork. This Carolina-style barbeque house serves up a variety of smoked meats, po’boys (everyone’s favourite), and stick-to-your-sides good ribs.

Peckinpah’s vibe is a mix of Southern charm with BC chic. Studded leather stools surround the large wood bar where the friendly bartenders have a wide selection of specialty bourbons and beer that go hand in hand with your meal of choice. When tasting the expertly-tended smoked meats, you understand why Peckinpah has been a hit with the carnivorous crowd of Vancouver’s young professionals. Some cuts are smoked up 18 hours, after which they’re beautifully robust in flavour and ultimately satisfying. The Oyster Po’Boy is an interesting take on this classic sandwich, with deliciously deep-fried oysters peeking out from the sides of the mayo-lathered french bread.

Peckinpah is comforting restaurant, after a trip to which you’ll end up with difficulties keeping the top button of your jeans done up. The saloon-like atmosphere, while moreso a modern interpretation than a true throwback to the days of Western gunslingers, may be kitschy, but it adds to the overall experience making Peckinpah a Gastown resto you should try at least once. Peckinpah BBQ, 2 Water Street, Vancouver, 604-681-5411.