‘Peace for Paris’ Artist’s Work Illustrates How Technology is Taking Over Our Lives

If you haven’t heard of Jean Jullien yet, you’ve definitely seen his work.

You’ve likely even posted it.

The French illustrator is the artist behind the “Peace for Paris” symbol, which has dominated social media feeds as a symbol of support for Paris in the wake of November 13th’s terror attacks.

While his work gains exposure thanks to the power of social networks as a political platform, Jullien is also (somewhat ironically) famous for drawing witty illustrations that highlight our addictions to technology, social media, and our smartphones.

At a time when the holidays should be just as much (probably more) about unplugging and living in the moment as documenting them behind a phone camera, it’s probably a good time to check out some of his stuff:

All photos courtesy of Jean Jullien.

Before Instagram

Taking Pictures

Live Screening

Weirdo On The Subway

Never Alone

Everyone Has An Apple These Days

New Tan

Royal Baby: It’s A Boy

Valentine’s Day

The Future Of Photography

Valentine’s Day #2

Apple Announces Revolution

Modern Living