Pay for Parking on Your Phone: Mayor Tory Claims He’s Finally Going to Modernize Toronto

It’s not unreasonable to suggest that our city, as a whole, could use a little technological advancement.

While those of us inhabiting and working in Toronto certainly aren’t lagging in the technology department, the services provided by the powers that run this ever-growing megacity have certainly remained behind the times – some still in the 90s, if you ask us.

We’re all eager to consider Toronto a “world-class city,” but how can we be deserving of such a title when, during the frozen month of February, people were waiting weeks to have their busted water pipes fixed… and there wasn’t even a website to check where you were on the waiting list.

Calling in to find out how much closer you are to running water shouldn’t be the only option in a world where the Internet exists (and has for over 20 years).

Well, at least Mayor Tory has put the modernization of Toronto’s city services as a big priority on his list.
During a recent press conference, he made his intentions clear.

“I want people to know I’m not satisfied. Our role at City Hall isn’t to fight the future,” he said. “We’re going to make progress and we’re going to make it faster and we’re going to make it better because people do have the right to deserve better than what they’ve been getting over the last number of years for all the taxes that they pay.”

The comments came on the back of the announcement that the Toronto Parking Authority would finally be rolling out its mobile payment feature in five of its Green P parking areas, adding 20 more lots each week until all the lots within the city are included.

Yes, the time has finally come when, instead of running all the way back to your car to feed the meter, you can top up via your phone and avoid those costly, horrific tickets.

Glorious days are near.

The new Green P app will give you a warning when your parking is about to run out, and ask if you want to pay for extra time. They promise to also have it available on city streets with pay-and-display parking by the end of 2015 or early 2016.
Maybe this means we will soon be able to pay for TTC fares via our phones too? 

Well, we can dream, at least. 


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