Paving the Path to a More “Conscious” Career

In the past, it was often assumed that passion projects always had to take a backseat to the demands of a 9-5, potentially unrewarding, career path. The hobbies or practices we loved most likely wouldn’t translate into a successful (or financially stable) career, and we were expected to accept this. But millennials know better.

With industries continuously embracing creative shifts in their approach, there is more opportunity than ever to bridge the gap between what you feel truly passionate about and your career. One does not have to exist without the other.

This week’s guest on The Lucky Few Podcast, Cory Sterling, embodies the success of this passion-driven career transition.

After practising as a corporate lawyer for a few years, Cory realized that the corporate law realm simply did not mesh with his relaxed, positive and yoga-influenced mindset and aspirations. With this in mind, Cory took the leap and launched “Conscious Counsel”, a legal firm which focuses on creating an incredible “stoked vibe experience” for all his clients. Today, Cory works with yoga studios, breweries and several other businesses that have come to love his unique style of legal counsel. He also recently created and ran the Muskoka Yoga Festival, to further support his passion and pursuit of yoga. 

To learn more about Cory’s journey, and his advice to anyone who hopes to pave the way to a more passionate career, check out Episode #31 of The Lucky Few.