PAULLIZZI Brings Drumming to a New Level

PAULLIZZI is not your typical drummer. Beyond infectious beats, the Montreal-based musician has added his own vocals and cool personal style to his artistry. 

After first gaining acclaim in 2008 for his Mash Up Tour, Lizzi went on to land a European MTV award and MuchMusic Video Award nomination for his work with Karl Wolf. Gaining over 32,000 subscribers on YouTube in just nine months, Lizzi is picking up major steam and a big fan base. 

He has collaborated with and performed for music industry greats like Adam Lambert, Ke$ha, LMFAO, Sean Paul, Nancy Ajram, and Ne-Yo. Nominated as one of Montreal’s top entertainers for our recent Notable Awards powered by Fusion, we wanted to get to know this larger than life character and talk shop about his career…

1. What is LIZZIFY?
LIZZIFY is a premiere idea in the form of a ‘video diary’ produced and written by MoCore, a division of The Motioncore. It’s a concept that will morph with each new episode, beautifully shot to express the everyday life Paul Lizzi experiences as he keeps breaking barriers and mind-frames in music. This TV/reality-type format will also spotlight other notable, passionate, young entrepreneurs demonstrating their character first and foremost alongside their brand.  

2. How did you get into the music industry?
I was taught by Montreal’s elite drum teacher Vince Di Zazzo and vocal coach Louise Yard. At the age of 11, my family formed a band that became very popular in the corporate/wedding industry. From there I met artists and started producing, writing and performing with them, until 24 months ago when I stumbled upon an opportunity to launch my first track entitled Drum Luvin’

3. Do you consider Paul Lizzi to be more of a “brand” than a musician?
I dabbled in everything within the entertainment realm. I’ve been cast in lead roles in movies as well as producing music. I’ve always had it in me to be versed in many things. It is what helps me stay relevant, which in turn translates into a form of branding. 

4. Biggest obstacles so far…
Turning the page on peers and friends within the industry that I sacrificed for and forged alliances with, hoping for reciprocity when it was my turn to shine. Artistry is very emotional, liberating and rare. The ability to do it as a career is next to impossible and a dream come true simultaneously. When resources are limited, conflict is never far away.

5. What are the pros of growing as an artist in Montreal?
Simply put, if you can do it in Montreal, you can do it anywhere in the world. Montreal is a mix of “following the crowd” coupled with unintentional carelessness towards your product. Montreal is a very unimpressed teacher and I wouldn’t want it any other way. It makes me work that much harder. 

6. Your YouTube channel is very popular, has this been a big marketing tool for you?
I was blessed with the support of one of the biggest YouTube channels out there, Epic Meal Time. They shared my music and it caused my channel to explode! It has definitely made it easy to approach and collaborate with others of the same calibre. This has also led me to solidify partnerships with DIESEL Canada and Hype Energy Drinks Spain/Canada.

7. Your very involved in social media and promoting yourself…
I graduated from Computer Science and Marketing. The only free way to promote yourself without being attached to a “higher-up” is online. It is the best tool to promote awareness. People think I spend my days in front of a computer, but both you and I know that the ability to share something is one click away. I am blessed with a multitude of happenings daily that I voice online. I’m convinced that if I weren’t in entertainment, I would not have a Facebook account.

8. Any advice for up and coming music industry hopefuls?
The moment people say “I want to sound like…” or “I don’t like that artist” is when they’ve lost the significance of being able to create. A world-renowned chef will not dislike any type of food or meal of the day and will create something unique when it comes to preparing his meals. It has nothing to do with tattoos, drugs, alcohol and sex. It is spiritual growth in the form of art. 

9. 2013 goals…
Go hard or go home.