Paul Schmidt: Young Professional Profile

Paul Schmidt calls Toronto home but has embraced Calgary in full stride as Content Manager at City, where the primary focus of his career is Breakfast Television. What’s one thing you probably don’t know about his profession? Read on to find out…

Where do you work: City 

What do you do: As Content Manager at City, I’m responsible for our local, in-house television productions, most notably Breakfast Television. We sacrifice sleep so that our viewers can start their day informed and hopefully in a good mood. If they leave home wearing the right jacket for the weather and with a smile on their face, we’ve done our job.

Homegrown in Calgary or transplant? Toronto is home. But Calgary is definitely becoming more and more cosmopolitan. You’re seeing greater diversity and a more vibrant culture scene.

One thing we might not know about your profession: Everything looks bigger on TV. In reality, the sets are smaller, the actors are shorter, and nobody makes as much as you think.

Best career tip for other YPs: Don’t be afraid to take risks. Sometimes you have to sacrifice security to take advantage of a good opportunity. 

Most common mistake you see other YPs make: When people are just starting out, they don’t recognize that opportunity is currency. If you’re in your twenties and you don’t have dependants, you shouldn’t base career decisions on salary. If you make the most of the opportunities that are presented, the salary will take care of itself. 

How do you find a happy balance between striving for success and being happy with where you are? When I find out, I’ll let you know. It sounds cliché but I think it’s important to focus less on the destination and just enjoy the journey. I genuinely enjoy the process of making television so every day is rewarding.

Favourite restaurant in the city: It’s a tie between Brava Bistro and downtownfood. Brava never disappoints. The food and the hospitality are always on point…and it was the venue for my all-time greatest date. But downtownfood may be Calgary’s best-kept secret. Chef Darren MacLean is a young master at locally-sourced culinary creations.