Paris Fashion Week A/W 2014: Chanel Supermarche

Yesterday morning the fashion posse of Paris Fashion Week headed to the Grand Palais to view the Chanel AW14 runway show. Thinking that they were coming to escape their everyday lives of errands, they were surprised to find themselves at a giant chic, retro supermarket. But the grocery shopping experience was far from the mundane market excursions the crowd is used to. Instead of Wonderbread and Chef Boyardee, the Chanel shop was stocked with Chanel-branded foods like Chanel loafs of bread, eau de Chanel, Chanel eggs, Chanel detergent and even a giant Chanel ham, dubbed “Jambon Cambon,” named after the location of Chanel’s original store. 

Though the presentation was terrifically artful, the clothing remained absolutely wearable, combining bright and contemporary youthful crop tops, sweatpants and sneakers alongside contradictory classic tweed coats. Oversized sunglasses and fingerless gloves finished off the looks and new pop art-styled purses and bags sat in chain-wrapped Chanel baskets.

Instead of walking down a runway, the models perused the aisles and filled their grocery carts. Designer Karl Lagerfeld even joined in to pick up a few essentials! Models included Cara Delivingne, who was apparently the muse of the show, Kendall Jenner, and even Rihanna, who posed in a shopping cart after the presentation.

Chanel has undeniably cleaned up on aisle no.5 with the most memorable and talked about show of the season.

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Cover image from: Gio Staiano/

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