A new premium luxury gin hits Toronto this week. OXLEY, the world’s first cold-distilled spirit, is unlike any other gin currently on the market. With its exclusive distillation process, OXLEY is pioneering the approach to spirit creation. “Canadian palates will now be given the chance to experience the citrusy fruits, intensely aromatic herbs and vibrant spices of this uniquely crafted gin” said Brand Ambassador, Jamie Evans. Each bottle of OXLEY is fully crafted by hand in small batches, limiting the distillery to only 240 bottles per day. Its limited product availability and hand craftsmanship also ensure that OXLEY provides a sophisticated experience for gin aficionados and spirit enthusiasts. OXLEY Gin is not available at the LCBO but is currently available at the following bars and restaurants: Toronto Temperance Society, Blowfish Restaurant + Sake Bar, L’Unita, Malena, Coquine, Vertical, Jacob & Company, Miller Tavern and Mildred’s Temple Kitchen.