Our Top Five Favourite Christmas Flicks

While prepping for your family feast, hosting a holiday cocktail party, or taking a break from all the festivities, you need only throw on a classic holiday vid to help lull you into true Christmas bliss. For young professionals (YPs), there are just so many nostalgic flicks, as well as a few modern ones, that get us into the holiday spirit year after year. We chatted with fellow YPs about their go-to holiday faves and came up with this list of the five most notable x-mas flicks. Does your top choice make the cut? 

5. A Christmas Story  
For those born in the 70s, A Christmas Story is likely to be your pick for top old school Christmas movie. As a staple of all holiday movie marathons, a YP Christmas be incomplete without a visit from Ralphie and the gang in this kooky Christmas tale. (And did you know that it was shot, in part, in Ontario?)

4. Home Alone
If you’re an 80s babym then this movie is bound to be one of your all-time holiday faves. Though originally created for kids, we just can’t stop loving that cheeky Kevin McAllister. With a perfect Christmas soundtrack, which includes Carol of the Bells and everyone’s favourite, Jingle Bell Rock, Home Alone makes a super film to have playing in the background of any holiday festivity.

3. Love Actually
For the ultimate feel-good Christmas film, nothing brings on the warm and fuzzies better than Love Actually. If your holidays have been a little lonely or stressful, this modern classic is sure to boost your Christmas spirit. Make Love Actually part of your holiday tradition and you can look forward to the love and joy (and Hugh Grant) each and every year.

2. Die Hard
For many YPs we chatted with, Die Hard is hands-down the best holiday flick ever. For us, this one came as a bit of a surprise. Taking another look at the manly movie, however, it became apparent why Die Hard should appear on this list. Set on Christmas Eve and chock full of festive references, Die Hard offers an action-packed holiday alternative for any energized holiday audience.

1. Christmas Vacation
This Chevy Chase cheese-fest may be the most beloved holiday movie amongst our generation of YPs. With their hilarious, over-reaching love for Christmas, the timeless and heart-warming Griswold clan will just never lose their charm. If you are hosting a YP gathering this holiday season, you are sure to get the most cheers when you press play on this National Lampoon classic. 

Honourable Mentions (because we could never leave out Elf): Elf, The Holiday, The Grinch, Miracle on 34th Street, Nightmare Before Christmas, The Santa Clause, It’s a Wonderful Life, Muppets Christmas Carol, Scrooged.   

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