Our TIFF Experience with Scotiabank Momentum VISA Infinite: Some Credit Cards Put on a Damn Good Show

Often after weeks like TIFF – the parties (hopefully you were at ours), the dinners, the other parties and of course, the after-parties – one word will commonly characterize our leftover sentiments as we recap our most memorable experiences through the lengthy lens of our credit card statements…

Anxiety. (Wait, we bought how many oysters at 11:48pm on a Monday??)


But after toughing out TIFF this year with a Scotiabank Momentum VISA Infinite permanently pinched between our fingers, we’re convinced that having the proper plastic during weeks like that can make all the difference in the world.

If you’re a film fan, galas at TIFF are always a treat. With some good timing and any credit card, you can purchase yourself a ticket to a world premiere. But with some research and the right card, you can earn yourself a true Gala experience.


We were excited to see the globe’s first glimpse at Desierto at the VISA Infinite Screening Room, Elgin Theatre. Writer and director Jonás Cuarón, son of the Academy Award winning Alfonso Cuarón (Gravity), was in attendance, as were his two lead stars, and we had heard great things about the no-frills thriller. Apparently, we weren’t the only ones. Quickly we were staring at a classic TIFF line.

Normally, there’s no greasing of bouncers at a prestigious film festival gala. It turns out though that when you have the right card in your wallet, there are several less-than-menacing hosts floating around to ensure that your wait time is rounded down to the nearest zero.

No line, no rain, no hassle.

As we walked down the media aisle, flanked by cameras and correspondents, we really started to get the celebrity treatment when we were hooked off the beaten path and ushered into a vintage lift. Down one floor (a floor we didn’t know existed) an immediate left, a greeting from two lovely name-tagged attendants, and a quick dip down 6 steps and we were in the cardholders-only Visa Infinite Lounge.

While the rest of the audience was squirming in their rickety seats, we were stuffing our faces with free popcorn (we actually went through four bags…no judging), free bottled water and a few glasses of wine.

With a few bags for the road, we were escorted upstairs to our seats.

But not just any seats.

Scotiabank was kind enough to reserve a section of seats for its Momentum VISA customers…including ours in the first row of the balcony, centre-screen. No better seats in the house.

Not to mention what was under the seats; surprise gift bags. They had chocolate in them. Everyone got chocolate. Our credit card got us free chocolate. Obviously we crushed it and sprinkled it on our free popcorn.

After the film we exchanged high fives, ordered a treadmill on Amazon, and decided that we should probably see if we were eligible for any other advantages through our little magnetic friend.

24-7 concierge service? Check. Special benefits at luxury hotels? Check. Access to an exclusive dining series featuring celebrity Canadian chefs? Check.

And we thought the handsome guy with the silky accent was the star of the show.

So thanks to the folks at Scotiabank Momentum VISA Infinite for not just giving us a way to see a movie, but for giving us the privilege of a truly memorable TIFF experience.

As far as credit card statements go, that was quite the statement.