Our Picks for Doors Open YYC

Get out and get in.

For the third year running, 33 of Calgary’s most iconic and intriguing sites are welcoming the public for behind-the-scenes looks into their normally closed-off operations.

And they’re doing it for one weekend only.

No matter what your area of geekdom is, Doors Open YYC definitely has something you and your weekend sidekicks will be into.

Our top picks are as follows:

1. Winsport Canada – The Ice House 
If you were smart enough to be at last week’s Notable event, Apothic Discovery Sessions, you would have been treated to an intimate talk by three-time Olympic medalist, Kaillee Humphries. If hearing Kailee regale stories of the bobsled track piqued your curiosity around those crazy sliding sports, this is a perfect chance to check out Calgary’s very own Ice House, which is one of only four of its kind in the world. Athletes will be there to demonstrate what it’s like to be shot down a winding ice slide at 130km/h and answer logical questions like, “Why would you do that?” Tours run from 10am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday.

2. Fiasco Gelato 
Savour the final moments of summer while learning exactly how they make Calgary’s favourite icy treat taste so good at Fiasco Gelato (416 Meridian Road SE). These guys were one of the first to get on the food truck scene in Calgary and have been providing locally handcrafted gelato and sorbetto for the likes of UNA Pizza + Wine, Diner Deluxe, and Anejo ever since. Whether or not you ever plan to make it yourself, it’s definitely worth going for the samples alone. Mmmm, free ice cream.

3. The Calgary Tower 
Before the days of The Bow and Husky buildings, the Calgary Tower was the tallest in the city. Now, however, it only gets some glory when its flame is lit for Canadian Olympic medal wins and when charity events force crazy people to climb its stairs. This weekend from 10am to 5pm on both Saturday and Sunday, see its more mysterious side by checking out the abandoned train station at the bottom and the bat cave (that’s right, we said bat cave) at the top (pre-registration required). We’re sure the tours will let you use some elevators, but be prepared for a bit of a workout while you explore.

For the other 30 insider events, plan your visits at Doors Open YYC.


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