Our Favourite Sweet Spots in Calgary

‘Tis the season and for YPs it’s important to always have some sort of gift or offering for the plethora of parties and events you are bound to be attending. We think there is nothing sweeter to give than well-made artisan chocolate. Well, you may want some for yourself too. The following are our favourite chocolatiers in YYC…

Olivier’s Candies Ltd.
Almost a century ago, the Olivier Family established one of Calgary’s first candy shops. Since that time, they have been serving the finest of hand-made candies and chocolates. With two locations, Bankers Hall and in the neighborhood of Inglewood, there is no reason that even the busiest YP can’t pop in for a little treat.

Located in Inglewood, this shop is one of just four chocolatiers in the entire world to make chocolate from Porcelana Cacau – the rarest cocoa bean in the world. Each box of Choklat Truffles is made fresh right in front of you in a matter of a few minutes, and with almost 500 different choices you get to create a custom package exactly how you want it.

Chef Bruce Toy opened up shop on historic Stephen Ave, becoming the first importer of this amazing chocolate. Coppeneur is the first micro-batch bean-to-bar chocolate maker in Germany, with the goal of showing cocoa and chocolate in all its facets and processing it into delectable compositions. They use the best and only natural ingredients, making each morsel a decadent treat.

Bernard Callebaut – Cococo
Cococo is the new name of the company that bought Bernard Callebaut. They still offer classic favorites, while also integrating new and delicious items to the already decadent roster. Over the years, there have been over a thousand kinds of handcrafted chocolates, with 48 available at any one time. With locations all over North America, YYC YPs luck out because the factory where the chocolates are made is located right in the heart of the city.