Our Favourite Steak Frites in Montreal

Nothing says Montreal or French dining quite like the good ol’ standard, steak frites. And Montreal has a plethora of different options when it comes to choosing where to head for a serving of succulent steak and crispy shoestrings. How did we choose the best out of the hundreds of restaurants that offer this popular dish? Well, it’s simple. Both the fries and the steak need to be perfectly cooked – and the vibe has to, of course, be noteworthy – and below are the restaurants that have succeeded at just that!

Lemeac is the table of choice for Outrement bourgeoisie and remains as it has always been from the start: a place to see and be seen. Notable for being Montreal’s first bistro-plus restaurant, it boasts a wonderful crisp and modern atmosphere and a bistro-classic steak frites with a good old-fashioned hanger steak and some of the city’s best fries.

L’Entrecote St-Jean
One cannot talk about the most delectable steak frites in Montreal (or Paris for that matter) without the name L’Entrecote St-Jean coming up in the dialogue. At this famous restaurant, there is only one choice on the menu, steak frites, and the only options are whether or not to have a salad or soup as a first course or dessert at the end. The strip loin steak is served with a secret recipe cream sauce and French fries that are crispy and perfect.

Le Maistre Restaurant-Bistro
Located in the cozy Monkland Village, this choice would probably shock many Montrealers, simply because it’s not as well known as some of the other French restaurants who boast a tasty steak frites. However, when it comes to atmosphere (cozy dining in an old house vibe) mixed with the perfect pairing of steak and fries, this little neighbourhood spot does not disappoint (and it’s budget friendly to boot!)

Image courtesy Creative Commons.