Our favourite spots to buy local art in Montreal

Here at Notable, we are all about celebrating local culture. Luckily for us living in Quebec, from farming to art, there is a lot to be proud of. Montreal boasts many little art shops that sell locally made crafts and art that will make a meaningful and special personal purchase or gift for that special someone. Below are some of our favourite spots to pick up visually stunning pieces.

Bonsecours Market (pictured above)
The historical headquarters of the Quebec arts and crafts council, the Bonsecours Market hosts 15 boutiques that sell objects made locally in Quebec. From fashion accessories and jewelry to handicrafts and design art (and even furniture), the Bonsecours Market has a wide array of products to choose from.

Empreinte Cooperative
This Old Montreal gallery-boutique showcases over 70 local Quebec artists across several craft media. Whether it be jewelry, glassware, woodcrafts, ceramic, textiles or works on paper, this boutique has it all when it comes to local tasteful art. The next time you’re looking for a unique wedding gift, skip the boring registry and come here.

Porcelaines Bousquet
With various locations across our fine city of Montreal, Porcelaines Bousquet presents the mastery of the art of fine porcelain in pristine white setting and serving dishes, for a convivial table. Their product is designed for everyday usage; functionality is the name of their game. Oh, and of course they are local.

Guilde Graphique
Another Old Montreal art shop who celebrates local talent, Guilde Graphique specializes in limited edition prints. Hundreds of local Quebec artists are featured here, and they additionally offer framing services. Having been in the art business for 40 years, this gallery simply knows great local art – you won’t be disappointed.