Our Favourite Montreal Markets

Montreal is most notably a foodist city, so there is no doubt that there are quite a few markets about town where you can find the freshest produce and meats and the best ingredients to take your simple weekly supper to the next level or your dinner party menu up to the leagues of the stellar. Check out where we at notable feel are the best ‘markets’ to both shop at and eat at in the city.

Atwater Market
The Atwater market features a range of fresh products and specialty boutiques. Here, nestled alongside the Canal, accessible by bike path, and amidst the St. Henri neighbourhood hipsters, lies some of the best produce, meats, fish, cheese, and specialty pantry items in the city. On the weekends you can sample some of their food stands, most famously, Satay Brothers, serving up Asian spiced skewers of meat and special items of the day. 138 Atwater (corner of Notre Dame).

Jean Talon Market
By far known to be the best market in the city, the Jean Talon Market boasts fresh everything and some of the cheapest prices out there. Jean Talon Market has a bit more to it than the Atwater Market, and while the food is equally as fresh at both places, the Jean Talon Market also offers a cooking supply store as well as a bigger selection of Gourmet Foods from around the world. 7070 Henri Julien Ave.

La Mer (Fish Market)
Although not a full market, La Mer is a worthy fish market and specialty food shop that is a worthwhile mention in this category. La Mer is notable for providing much of the fish to the best seafood restaurants in the city, and holds onto some of the freshest product that the city has to offer. If you are looking to pick up fish or seafood to really wow your guests, we definitely recommend heading east to this spot. You can also grab most of everything else you may need to complete a full meal as well as some cool prepared foods like that vacuum-sealed, 80 per cent cooked risotto that you just have to throw in hot water for 3 minutes before serving. Try the porcini and truffle one! 1840 Rene Levesque East.