Our Favourite Montreal Galleries

If there is something we can be proud of in Montreal, it is the talent and creativity of our artists. Our galleries have always been right on the pulse of new and emerging talent in the local art world, as well as in bringing together some of the most iconic and interesting pieces of already established Quebec artists. The celebration of local talent is something Montrealers have always been good at, and the following galleries help to showcase that talent and provide a forum for its viewers to learn, appreciate, and purchase art that stands for everything Montreal.

Galerie Soho Du Vieux Montreal
The curator at Galerie Soho has one of the most unique perspectives on art that we have come across on our search for cool local galleries in Montreal. The sleek “Old Montreal” feel of the gallery (white-washed walls against original building stone and grey concrete floors) allows the featured art to really pop and stand out. Currently they are showing art by Daniel Stanford, Nathan Gilbert, Jeska, Arcade Latour, Sebastien Gaudette, Elyse Aussant, Johanne Tessier, Johanne Blaquiere, Eric Nadeau, Marnie Grundman, and Sophia Paleotheodoros. 170 St. Paul West.

Galerie MX
Not only is this a cool gallery but it’s quite possibly one of the coolest spaces in the whole city. Used often for events, this two-story gallery in the international district features local contemporary art like you’ve never seen before. Enhanced by audiovisual projectors and an automated lighting system, the space’s extraordinary design is well worth the visit. A visit to Galerie MX takes you on an art adventure unlike any other in Montreal. 333 Viger West.

Galerie Leroyer
Galerie Leroyer introduces cutting-edge contemporary art that will no doubt wow you to pieces. Not exclusively local, but every bit as worthwhile of a visit, Galerie Leroyer was founded in 2000 by Brian Brisson, and is currently an absolutely breathtaking 3,000 sq. ft. art lovers’ haven. Its vision is dedicated to the representation of contemporary Canadian and International artists that are defined by the strength of their creative uniqueness. You will see pieces here that you will never see anywhere else. Go visit, we promise you it is as notable as it gets. 60 St. Paul West.

Image “Kylie’s Knickers” by Nick Veasey at Galerie Leroyer.