Our Favourite Montreal Butchers

Ever wonder where the best butcher in Montreal is for Prime Rib or Dry Aged Steak? Do you usually stick to the Atwater Market (good choice!) or the Jean-Talon Market (you can do a bit better)? Well, Notable is here to help guide you on your ‘meat’ adventures. Our suggestions take you across the city, but let us assure you, the trek to each of these spots is more than worth it to ensure you get the freshest and best cuts of meat out there.

Boucherie Aga
Located out East in St.-Leonard (Montreal’s Italian neighbourhood) is Boucherie Aga. Their prime rib cuts are famous and rumour has it that they supply the meat to many notable Montreal restaurants like Lucca in Little Italy (which is always a good sign; Lucca’s Veal Chops come from here). They also specialize in 14-week aged beef and grain-fed chicken from Drummondville. The owner, Carmelo Gatto, privately imports Sicilian olive oil, Olio Sarullo, worth buying a bottle while you’re there. 4927 Jarry St. E.

Boucherie de Tours
Here’s our opinion: The best meat comes from the butchers in the Atwater Market, while the best cheese is found at Jean-Talon Market. And among the best butchers in the Atwater Market is Boucherie de Tours, noteworthy for supplying much of Joe Beef’s meat, they are renowned for their French cuts (skirt steak) as well as their speciality products like their goose foie gras and Kamouraska lamb. Atwater Market.

Boucherie A. Belanger et Fils
Also located in the Atwater market (we did say they had the best butchers in the city), Boucherie A. Belanger et Fils has been around for 90 years. Top chefs and foodies flock to this butcher for their selection of preserved lamb shanks and organic lamb shoulders, as well as their extensive selection of marinated meats. Atwater Market.

Boucherie de Paris
Located in the Cote-des-Neiges neighbourhood, Boucherie de Paris is not only a butcher shop but also a popular sandwich place for Universite de Montreal students. Known for their Artisanal Bacon, some say the beef here is as good as the pricier beef from Anjou-Quebec. Their most notable cut, in our opinion, is the Flank Steak. If you’re in the area, stop in for a sandwich and a prime cut. 5216 Gatineau.

Image courtesy Etsy.