Our Favourite Foie Gras in Montreal

Foie Gras (fattened duck liver) is the delicacy of the French. It is rare to hit up a good French or Quebecois restaurant and not to find it on the menu. There are also many specialty food stores in Montreal that boast some of the best in the city for you to offer at your own home dinner parties. We’d like to point you in the right direction when it comes to dining out on Foie Gras; where to go for the best of the best in the city…

Au Pied de Cochon536 Duluth East
Chef-owner Martin Picard’s Food Network Canada show is called The Wild Chef, and the title could not be more appropriate when understanding the genius behind his Montreal restaurant. Along with his love of wild game, Picard is a genius when it comes to Quebec food products and a total sucker for foie gras (pictured above, his foie gras and boudin tart). Try their Pig’s Foot stuffed with Foie Gras (if you are adventurous only, of course), or his Foie Gras Poutine (a famous dish in Montreal). There will likely be various other menu items with the delicious, fat-soaked duck liver infused in it, so expect a foie gras filled evening if you dine at this Plateau hot spot.

Le Grain de Sel2375 Saint Catherine East
Chef and owner Jean-Francois Bonin always gives his menu the foie gras treatment by offering up a wide array of appetizers and mains that where foie gras is the star. His goal is to provide his customers with a bistro-plus experience and he always succeeds at this as a result of his new twists on comfort-food classics. The service is a force to be reckoned with at this East End restaurant since the chef is never more than a few steps away from the tables; any questions about the food that the server can’t answer, chef can!

Toque!900 Jean-Paul Riopelle
Over the years, chef Normand Laprise has revolutionized Montreal gastronomy. Toque!, located in the Latin Quarter of Montreal, offers up local food in a very serious and yet at the same time whimsical way. Their foie gras is always top notch, and we highly suggest you head to this beautiful and delicious restaurant the next time you are craving some of the devilish delicacy that will rock your world.

Image by Antoinette Bruno for Star Chefs.