Our Favourite Fast Food Joints in Montreal

Oftentimes it’s nice to turn to the local fast food industry in Montreal for a quick yet delicious meal. Luckily, not only is Montreal famous for its wide array of amazing restaurants, but our fast food options are equally as tasty and world renowned. To help you navigate the vastness of the Montreal fast food scene, we would like to focus your attention on only the coolest, hippest, and most delicious options.

Five Guys
It took Barack Obama’s approval to put this burger franchise on the map, and luckily their food holds up to all the hype. New to the Montreal food scene, Five Guys in Montreal opened on McGill Street in the Old Port only in May, but it has quickly become a hot spot for burgers in the city. The hamburgers are cooked on site without preservatives or trans fats and the French fries are made with pure peanut oil. 468 McGill.

Brit & Chips (pictured above)
Also located in the Old Port, Brit & Chips, run by the team from Burgundy Lion Pub, aims to serve excellent traditional English Fish ‘n Chips with a Montreal twist. Served up in a metal plate lined with wax paper printed with a newspaper page design (to recall traditional London Chippy wrapping), you can choose from a wide range of options. Our personal favourite: Cod with Burgundy Lion batter or Salmon with Guinness batter. 433 McGill.

Patati Patata
Many poutine connoisseurs will insist that if you can only have one poutine in Montreal, it should be from this tiny 14-seat diner in the Plateau. Not only specializing in poutine, it also boasts great burgers (and tofu burgers for vegetarians). This is a classic fast food diner that will never disappoint your taste buds (and you will be cool just for going). 4177 St.-Laurent.

Since as far back as 1929 when the original Dilallo opened in Montreal, their fast food, specifically their Dilallo burger, has been some of the best in the city. Currently, Dilallo finds its home in St. Henri, just blocks from the Atwater Market, and serves up a double meat Buckburger with double peppers like nobody else in the business. It is the epitome of a local mom and pop, hole-in-the-wall burger joint. Try their amazing poutine as well as their All Beef Michigan Dog. 2523 Notre Dame West.